I have 21 years’ experience in the field of Building Science, starting out as a weatherization field installation technician with prior building trades experience. I am currently a Contract Trainer, Consultant, and Subject Matter Expert, for private industry, community college and governmental entities. Positions I have held in the past are Energy Auditor, Crew leader, Supervisor and Furnace Technician, as well as Training Director. I am a BPI Super Proctor and currently an assessor for IREC and ANCI for the HEP Certifications. Inspiring and showing others how to safely and effectively diagnose and resolve energy, comfort and building durability issues is my passion.

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Current Projects: Assessments of institutions for IREC and IREC/ANSI, Development and delivery of Curriculum, training and proctoring services for WAP Training Centers, Community Colleges, Private training entities. Clients include but are not limited to: Red Rocks Community College, Pulaski Technical College, Louisiana, Colorado, Arkansas, and Oklahoma State Weatherization programs and some Tribal Housing Authorities, Training and curriculum development for Saturn Resource Management, Elliot Management Consultants, and Lightly Treading, Mile High Youth Corps, and Quality Control assessments and proctoring for the Building Performance Institute.