Mentoring or Small Groups Hands on Training

We can cutomize training to fit your needs.

If you need technicians to really understand Combustion Appliance Zone Testing and setting up Worst Case or Advanced Blower Door and Duct Blaster Duct testing we can provide ½ Day and Full Day training in a one-on-one or small group setting with equipment and live appliances in a real world environment.

Hands on guided practice for Certification Field Testing can also be provided.

Courses given in the past.

· Beginning Blower Door

· Advanced Blower Door with Pressure Diagnostics

· Beginning Combustion Appliance Zone Testing

· Advanced Combustion Appliance Zone Testing, and remediation

· Basic Furnace operation and Diagnostics

· Pressure Pan and Duct Blaster Testing

· Air Sealing

· Air Sealing Difficult homes

· Duct Sealing

· Certification Field Testing Preparation

· Treating Difficult Houses

· BPI rater

· Custom training to meet your needs

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