combustion_imageDo you or your crew members want to understand how to create True worst case combustion testing not just a prescriptive process that may or may not give you the correct answer?

I get calls from around the country from managers wondering why crews are not getting consistent results, why have they failed final inspection.

I will train your crew how to step by step, create a worst case testing environment, not just the how but why and what is causing the pressure differential. Instruct them not to just add a hole but to treat the condition that is causing the problem. CAZ testing is where I see most candidates fail certification examinations, your instructor many have been an entertaining personality, but has had no real field experience and therefore no knowledge of what the real problem may be. This is where an understanding of the house as a system comes into play and may have dire results if done improperly.

Let’s identify and solve the problem not just collect numbers on a piece of paper.o2_meter

· ½ Day one on one and Small groups ( no More than 6)

· Full Day one on one and Small groups ( no More than 6)

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