We began a relationship with Joe Hall in 2011 when we contracted with him to come to Arkansas and put on weatherization installer trainings for our staff and the Arkansas Weatherization workforce.  Since then we have had him back on several occasions to provide BPI preparatory trainings and weatherization multifamily training.  We found Joe to be a very knowledgeable and experienced energy professional who has an easy way about him that makes it easy for students to relate with him and thus enjoy learning from him.  With his twenty plus years of experience in the energy efficiency industry, Joe can relate real life instances to illustrate just about any weatherization concept and thus make the curriculum come to life for the student.  Since 2012, Joe has been officially affiliated with our training center which gives him access to our IREC accredited training programs for the Home Energy Professional Credentials, which are sponsored by the Department of Energy and administered by the Building Performance Institute.  We have partnered with Joe to provide training for Arkansas as well as Oklahoma weatherization professionals seeking the HEP credentials.  Because of our partnership with Joe and his extensive experience with taking trainings on the road to all regions of the US, we have many more upcoming opportunities to deliver the Quality Control Inspector preparatory trainings.  We look forward to becoming a national provider of high quality energy efficiency training through our partnership with Joe.  Please feel free to contact us for a reference for Joe.


Roger Smith

Director, Weatherization Training Center
Pulaski Technical College